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Bazart Cafe in Bastille - A nice good value bistro in Paris. Customers reviews and reservation number

Bazart Cafe - Bistro close to Bastille - Le Marais

The Bazart Cafe is nestled in the boulevard Henri IV between Bastille and Le Marais district - It is one of the best bistro in the area. Warm welcome and simple nice menu (very good bargain for lunch) - A respectable wine list. Nothing very complex here : Just good food and nice people. The location is perfect if you plan to visit Saint Paul Village in the afternoon (located 5 minutes away). No reservation needed even if the place is quite popular. Mostly visited by parisisans. Chef Lionel Iafrat is revisiting a traditional French cuisine with imagination and spices. With newspapers at your disposal, discreet music and pleasant youg service, this place is one of the best place to eat in a cosy but relax atmosphere in Bastille - Le Marais district. Nice brunch menu on Sundays.


Restaurant address : 36 Boulevard Henry IV 75004

Subway : Bastille

Price Range : 20 - 40 Eur

District : Bastille

Tel : 01 42 78 62 23

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Vins des Pyrenees Bistro

Another little charming bistro nestled in a tiny street just off Saint Paul Village - A former wine warehouse with an authentic decor serving a classic but good French bistro cuisine - Friendly casual staff - Either for dinner of Lunch - Click here for more details about : Vins de Pyrenees Bistro

Train Bleu restaurant in Paris

Train Bleu restaurant

The Train Bleu opened its doors in 1901. It is an "unusual restaurant" in Paris - Who could expect the Gare de Lyon railway station to host this great table upstairs, facing the rails ... A Compromise between a typically Parisian brasserie and a gourmet restaurant. Train Bleu restaurant Paris



Bazart Cafe in Bastille - Good value bistro in Paris

Bastille district in Paris

Bastille is one of the most boyant & trendy location in the heart of Paris - The monument standing on the square is the Colonne de Juillet, a column commemorating another revolution than the famous one (in 1789) that took place in 1830 during which king Charles X was replaced by king Louis-Philippe. The 52 meter high column honors the 504 victims during the 3 days of the revolution. The column is topped by the 'Spirit of Liberty' statue.

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